Native Springs Nursery
My name is Nancy and I am the owner operator of a small nursery called Native Springs Nursery located in Durham California near the beautifully scenic Feather River Canyon in northern California. We specialize in north western conifers and other California native plants. We take great pride in growing the very best plants that we can possibly grow in the most sustainable way that we can, incorporating organic fertilizers, natural environments and integrated pest management techniques. From the pots the plants grow in to the materials used to build the shipping shed and ship the plants, at Natives Springs Nursery we make every attempt to use recycled and used materials whenever we can find them.

Why do we encourage and promote the use of native plants and trees in our gardens and landscapes? Because they are fascinating, superbly functional and immensely beautiful. There is an incredible variety of native plants, something for every soil and moisture condition. There is the sugar pine a magnificent tree with huge pine cones, wood sorrel with its pale pink trumpets above masses of clover like leaves and scarlet monkey flower with brilliant red flowers. Some native plants can be extremely drought tolerant and therefore very valuable in the water conscious garden. Yet other natives can be used in and around ponds and other seasonally soggy areas. Native plants create seasonal interest and attract wildlife providing an ecologically friendly way to make your garden a habitat for birds, butterflies, frogs, toads, lizards and a myriad of insects and native pollinators as well. And yes native plants and trees can be relatively care free if you take the time to choose well and match the plant to the environment. When you plant locally appropriate native plants you can also skip a lot of the fertilizers because for the most part they just don’t need them.

We can be found locally at the Chico Farmers Market on Saturdays generally March through October.
Please call Nancy at 530-774-4362 if you have questions or need assistance.

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